Specialized Services

Lorimar Marine is breaking new ground in unmanned surface vehicles and ROVs. The Lorimar Directional Acoustic Sound System line of products provides a performance standard in the marketplace that is unmatched, at a price point below the competition. Lorimar is committed long term to be the Acoustic Hailing Device and Long Range Communications supplier of choice around the globe.


There are no shortage of cool and expensive solutions for specific problems…Need an unmanned rocket launcher and have a few million to spare? No problem. There are plenty of vendors willing to help. Not Lorimar.

The Bullfrog was conceived and created with a single goal: To act as a utility platform and be the 80% solution. Less than a single ton; carries over 2000 pounds of payload; fits inside a 20’ft shipping container; sits upright on any deck, shallow draft, sharp turning stable platform at any speed, fuel efficient and shock mitigating hull.


Lorimar offers a line of High Power, Loud, Long Range Acoustic Hailing and Long Range Acoustic Communications products based on the Hyperspike® Technology with ISO 9000:2000 Certified manufacturing from Ultra Electronics. This technology sets a new standard for Acoustic Hailing Devices and Long Range Communication Systems that require crystal clear voice replication for insurance that safety, security and other instructions have been heard by the intended recipient

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